What LED Light Colour Should I Buy?



Colour temperature, which is measured in Kelvin, is used to describe the colour emitted by a lamp. See table below for LED color temperature variations.

Kelvin Colour Good For
2700° Soft White Warm environment, colour similar to incandescent lighting
3000° Warm White Warm inviting ambiance
4100° Pure White Helps you see more detail
5000° Daylight Close to the colour of the sky on a sunny day


Setting the Mood with Colour

Warm White 2700K (aka. "Soft White")

This warm white has a colour temperature of 2700K and provides a warm and the most relaxing atmosphere due to its lower lumen output. Choose this colour temperature if you're looking to retain the yellow colour tone that traditional incandescent and halogen lights provide. 2700K is most popular with our restaurant customers.


Warm White 3000K

This warm white shares the name of the Warm White 2700K, but produces a colour tone closer to white; so in between yellow and pure white. Choose this colour temperature if you like the yellow colour tone, but would prefer something that provides brighter light.

Neutral White 4000K (aka "Cool White")

This is what we like to refer to as, "pure white". It has neither any hints of yellow or blue. We recommend this colour if you're looking for a clean light colour or want people to see things in greater detail. Neutral White has a higher lumen output than both of the warm white colour temperatures. This is the most popular colour temperature for our jewellery store and retail shop customers.

Cool White 5000K (aka "Daylight")

Cool White is closer to the colour of the sky on a nice sunny day. It's considered to be the most energetic light colour due to its light intensity as it has the greatest lumen output. In traditional lighting, Cool White is referred to as, "Daylight". We recommend this colour temperature if you want the brightest light possible. Many people use it as outdoor security lights. Its typically what you'd expect to see at supermarkets.

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How Do I Buy an LED with the Correct Colour?

Every LED light product on our site tells you the exact colour temperature and colour tone it provides. First, in the title, you will see that a product will specify the colour temperature, ie. "2700K" and beside that will specify the colour tone, ie. "Soft White". In addition, you will find that each product displays an icon indicating the colour temperature based on where it appears on the colour spectrum.