SunSun Lighting is an innovative company involved in R&D, manufacturing and popularization of LED lighting. Relying on independent and leading technologies of LED driving and system integration, powerful research and development strength and abundant international venture investment as well as low-cost advantage from vertical integration of the whole industrial chain, the company endeavors to promote revolution in solid-state lighting and truly bring the LED lighting to every family so as to thoroughly transform human's lighting patterns at last.

SunSun Lighting's manufacturing park is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 330,000 square meters, where the annual output of LED bulbs reaches over 10 million pieces. Its production is managed strictly according to standards of international quality management system and international environmental management system. Its product lines cover residential lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting and outdoor lighting, all passing the certification of UL and the CE safety certification of the EU.

SunSun Lighting owns the world's top technical team. It originates the PowerXplore™ driving solution with the proprietary intellectual property rights, obtains many international patents for the LED system integration and considerably enhances LED lighting efficiency, AC-DC conversion efficiency and power factors. SunSun has been approved for over forty domestic and foreign patents, covering every aspects of power supplly,packaging and structre,among which 50% patens are invention patents.

"Drive Efficient Light", SunSun Lighting is looking forward to creating magnificent future for solid-state lighting industry together with global cooperative partners.
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