Where to Buy LED Light Bulbs in Canada?

buy-led-light-bulbs-canada How many times have you bought LED lights before? If you're a first time shopper, like even I use to be, one thing to know is that you can find LED light bulbs almost everywhere now. But finding LED bulbs and buying them are two different things. The first thing I encourage you to do is learn the basics which you can do here on our free online LED buying guide. I've written many helpful posts about LED lights, product reviews and product comparisons to regular halogen bulbs.

LED Light Bulb Education

LED Light Bulbs vs Halogen Bulb Comparisons

2 Reasons Why I Wrote This Post

  1. Give you free, expert knowledge about LED light bulbs. Sure, the retail and hardware stores carry them, but do they have learning material for you and will someone be around to help you if you have any questions?
  2. Let you know about our company, LEDsPlus.com. We sell LED bulbs of course, but we do a lot more.

Why Buy from LEDsPlus.com?

  1. We're a Canadian company with the largest selection of LED light bulbs in Canada.
  2. We carry only commercial grade-quality LED lights.
  3. We have lower prices than you'll find at retail and home improvement stores.
  4. We have free online material and expert help available to you.

LED Light Bulbs Are Not Created Equal

There are many products on the market today, some products you'll find will give you sticker shock, while others won't but you may question how good they are. Some you'll find at big retail stores and won't think twice about it, but in my experience, you should do more research. Give us a call, and we can help you with your LED light bulb shopping.

We're Here to Help

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