Where Can I Find LED Lighting Rebates in Canada?

led-lighting-rebates-canadaRebates. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word, "rebates", are those old, but probably not entirely phased out, mail-in rebates I had to do when I bought something from Future Shop or Best Buy years and years ago. If you ever did one, you'll remember the pain-staking process of photocopying the receipt, cutting out the bar-code from the box, filling out the mail-in rebate form and lastly buying stamps and stuffing it all in a standard sized envelope, in hopes that not too long in the future, you'd get the $10 or $25 back from the manufacturer. Yes, rebates. That is what I remember rebates to be. So what about LED light rebates? first of all, where do you find them and how much will I save?

How Do Lighting Rebates Work in Canada?

The first thing to know about rebates in Canada, is that they are only offered through your electricity/hydro provider. So, if you're from BC, any rebates for LED bulbs will come from BC Hydro or Fortis BC. If you're from Ontario, your rebates will come from Ontario Power Authority which oversees all hydro companies in Ontario. From the business side of things, this means that only specific retail stores AND specific locations who are able to participate can offer the rebates because the hydro company gives the business money back at the end of the program for all the money they saved their customers. So basically, retailers who offer rebates are given a rebate from the hydro company for giving the rebates.

Why Doesn't Your Province Offer Any Rebates?

Don't feel too bad about why your hydro company isn't providing any lighting incentives for LED lights right now, it may happen in the future. But in the meantime, the provinces that do provide a rebate are the same provinces that tax their residents more or anyone passing through without a choice.

Where Can I Find Lighting Rebates Online?

One of the best resources we've found online is LED Lighting Rebates. They update their website frequently with LED rebate information and LED lighting industry information to help you stay up to date. Another great place to find LED lighting rebates in Canada is actually on the Canadian Government's energy website regarding, ENERGY STAR lighting; learn more here.

How Much Can You Save?

The rebates we've seen usually save customers anywhere between $2 - $5 off each LED bulb. The amount depends on the shape and size of the bulb.

Does LEDsPlus.com Offer Any Rebates?

Because we're based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, our province isn't known for offering any rebates; meaning we don't get a kickback and therefore we can't offer rebates the same rebates that BC or Ontario residents get. But, we do have sales and if your hydro company is offering rebates, we just may be able to do a little bit for you :) Now, I'm not saying we'll match the rebate amount or the price of the bulb, but keep in mind buying from us, you'll only pay GST, that's at least a 7% savings for anyone paying HST or PST. In addition, we only carry commercial-grade LED products, so if you're looking for high quality LED lights and colour temperatures you can't get at your local hardware store or supermarket, our selection is another reason to buy from us. In addition, since we're an online-only retailer of LED lights, we keep our overhead really low and actually if you compare our prices, product selection and service to other brick and mortar retailers, you'll find that you'll actually save money with us and be completely satisfied with your LED lights because you got the exact colour temperature you've always wanted and had an expert help you along the ENTIRE way.