The Quickest Way to Reduce Your Energy Bill


"What can I do? My energy bills aren't getting any smaller!"

Unless you do something about it, your electricity bill is only going to get bigger. According to an article by CBC news, in the fall of 2010, the Ontario Government declared that the province's rates will rise 46 per cent by 2015. 46% increase. That's not an easy thing to say, nor is it going to be an easy thing to pay for down the road. So, what are you going to do about it? One thing some people do is monitor their energy usage like a hawk; they'll buy a third-party home energy power meter, unplug appliances they're not using, even have set times as to when they'll use the washing machine or electricity-heavy appliances during the time of the day when electricity costs the least. Doing this is great, but when it gets dark, you'll still need lights around the home. And the truth is, we use lights. I don't think its naive to say, most people will never use lights because it costs money. It's just a matter of having an energy saving mindset. Another thing people can do is break down your energy costs per appliance. For example, I use 28 light bulbs in my condo, I have a fridge, I use the dishwasher twice a month at the most, use the washing machine and dryer once a week, my Internet cable service is on 24-hours a day, use the iron every other day for 5 minutes - that's pretty much it. Living alone has its perks, but I know that as soon as I'm married with kids, I'm going to be even more conscious about how I'm using electricity just as my dad was when I was still a kid carelessly leaving the lights on in every room I entered. So, from this information, the next step is finding the approximate percentage of how much energy each appliances uses each month.

It sure sound's like a lot of work...

Don't worry,, one of the Internet's best well-known and authoritative resource for electricity-saving tips, has some amazing information about how much a specific appliance in your home uses. According to his, "How much electricity does a refrigerator use?" article, a refrigerator (13%) is the second-largest user of electricity after the air conditioner (16%). And guess which "appliance" is the third-largest user of electricity? you guessed it, your lighting (11%).

Replacing your lights with LED lights

Lighting probably the easiest area to instantly save money on your electricity bill. By simply changing your incandescent lights with LED light bulbs, you can start saving a whopping 70 - 90% right away. The beauty part is, you don't have to replace all your light bulbs at the same time to see the savings. I recommend replacing the light bulbs that are used the most and use the most electricity. For example, your kitchen may use six 50 watt halogen light bulbs and four 60 watt incandescent light bulbs. Since the kitchen is one of the most used areas in one's home. You could replace the halogen bulbs with 7 watt LED light bulbs and replace the incandescent lights with 11 watt LED light bulbs. So, just by starting in your kitchen, you could save anywhere from $8 - $20 per month. Read our 50W Halogen vs 7W LED Warm White MR16 GU10 Comparison post. Electricity, it's one bill you can't escape, but one bill where we do have some control over.