TCP 17W PAR38 Ranks #1 on TopTen USA LED Lighting


The TCP LED17E26P3830KNFL is a 17W PAR38 LED reflector bulb. It features a narrow 25° beam angle, has a colour temperature of 3000K (also known as Warm White), its dimmable and best of all its commercial-grade ENERGY STAR qualified LED light bulb. It uses only 17 Watts of energy and produces 1050 lumens making it a great LED replacement for 100W incandescent light bulbs. As of January 10, 2013, TopTen USA's evaluation test results ranked the TCP LED17E26P3830KNFL #1 among other top PAR38 LED reflector light bulbs in the USA.

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Size: PAR38 Watts: 17 Lumen output: 1050 lumens Dimmable: Yes Beam Angle: 25 degrees Beam Efficacy: 36 lumens per watt Center Beam Candlepower: 5500 candelas Color Rendering Index: 83 Correlated Color Temperature: 3000K Length: 5 3/16" Weight: 1.16 pounds Similar models: Also available in a 40° beamspread, and a color temperature of 2700K TopTen ranked since: February, 2012

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