Susan Lamp - Metal Halide LED Replacements for 175W, 250W, 400W Lamps


It's hardly a surprise anymore when we tell our customers that you could save 80% on your lighting costs by switching to LED replacement lamps when compared to the current cost your existing light bulbs. But, there's only been one problem; supply and demand. Until now, that is... Many of us in the lighting industry know that our customers look for the easiest and most cost effective replacement lighting solution; I mean, why settle for something that might work and may not give you the ROI payback in the shortest amount of time possible, eh? Thankfully (and finally), one of our manufacturers has developed a commercial-grade product we can sell to you, the Susan Lamp - a direct, plug-in-play, metal halide LED replacement for 175W, 250W and 400W lamps.

Why Use the Susan Lamp?


The Susan Lamp is rated for 50,000 hours and is warrantied for 5 years. Compare that with the average life of any of your metal halides; that's 4x longer life and if it fails within 5 years, we'll send you a replacement!

Save Between 61 - 77% in Your Lighting Energy Costs

lunera-susan-lamp-led-metal-halide400W Replacement Reduce By 61%

View this LED bulb. Quick Facts: 15,136 Lumens, 156 Watts Replacing your 400W metal halide with the Susan Lamp can save you 61% in energy costs.

lunera-susan-lamp-led-metal-halide250W Replacement Reduce by 63%

View this LED bulb. Quick Facts: 10,245 Lumens, 95 Watts Replacing your 250W metal halide with the Susan Lamp can save you 63% in energy costs.

lunera-susan-lamp-led-metal-halide175W Replacement Reduce by 77%

View this LED bulb. Quick Facts: 4,257 Lumens, 40 Watts Replacing your 175W metal halide with the Susan Lamp can save you 77% in energy costs. ]]>