Retrofit Metal Halide LED Lamp vs LED Fixture

There are three costs we need to factor in when considering replacing your existing high bay lamps; 1) Lamp cost 2) Ballast cost 3) Replacement cost. Early this year, two of our manufacturers launched new products to solve metal halide LED replacements. Lunera launched the Susan Lamp, an easy to use plug and play retrofit lamp to replace HID lamps such as the metal halide. Available versions replace 175 watt, 250 watt and 400 watt lamps. These lamps use your existing ballasts and don't require anything to work. CREE launched their CXB high bay LED fixture, a 120-277V fixture and lamp replacement all-in-one unit to replace 400 watt metal halides with out lumen output of 23,000 lumens.

Plug-and-Play or All-In-One?

Susan Lamp Plug-and-Play
$284.36 - $448.00

View: 175 Watt 250 Watt 400 Watt The great thing about Lunera's Plugin-and-Play Susan Lamp, is well, its easy. And despite the lamps 50,000 hour life and 5 year warranty, the cons come later down the road when your ballast will need replacing. You can't beat the ease of installation for this LED retrofit lamp, but keep in mind the cost of replacing the ballast.

CREE CXB All-in-one $689.46

400 Watt A little pricier, in fact almost 30% more, but CREE's CXB LED high bay has a 10 year warranty and is rated for 70,000 hours. Although more work is involved installing it, there's no ballast to replace and its direct line voltage 120-277V gives you one less thing to worry about.

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