PL 4-Pin LED Light Replacement for PL26, PL32, PL42 CFL Downlight Lamps


PL24, PL32 & PL42 CFL lamps are a commonly used light bulb used in all kinds of commercial spaces. Shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, hallways - you name one commercial space and you'll probably find that someone near you is using a PL Lamp.

Introducing the Lunera Helen Lamp

  The Helen Lamp is a 13W LED light bulb replacement for PL26, PL32 & PL42 CFL downlight lamps that allow you to cut the electricity usage per bulb in half!

Vertical vs Horizontal

Although both use 13 watts, the Vertical PL LED bulb outputs 900 lumens, but the horizontal version outputs 700 lumens. Which one you choose depends entirely on your fixture.

Long Lasting

A typical PL26 CFL lamp is only rated to work for 10,000 hours. The Helen Lamp PL LED is rated to be used for 50,000 hours and has a 5 Year warranty.

Where to Buy the Helen Lamp

Choose between vertical and horizontal versions in either 3500K or 4100K colour temperatures: