PAR30 LED vs PAR30 Halogen

par30-halogen-vs-par30-led PAR30 halogen lamps are a common light bulb used in recessed lighting and track lighting for offices, commercial, retail, outdoor lighting and at home. They've done the trick for quite some time now, but when the most common PAR30 halogen uses 75 watts, you could save a lot of money switching to PAR30 LED lights.

PAR30 Halogen Basics

par30-halogen-vs-par30-led-halogen-basics PAR30 halogen lamps are available in short neck and long neck versions. You can choose the amount of light by picking how much wattage they use: 50 watts, 60 watts or 75 watts. Halogen light bulbs typically have a light colour temperature between 2800K to 3000K and depending on how many hours they're on each day and how many days of the year, they could last you as long as 5 years or as little as half a year. PAR30 halogens that only last half a year are likely used in commercial applications like a restaurant; the cost of replacement adds up quickly.

How to Make the Switch to PAR30 LED Lights


1. Choose the Right Shape

PAR30 LEDs are also available in long neck and short neck versions.

2. Choose the Right Colour

With a PAR30 LED bulb, you can choose a light colour temperature that is more yellow or more white than the halogen PAR30 you have now. Our PAR30 LED bulbs are available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K/4100K and 5000K. So, if you want the keep the halogen colour look, choose 3000K. If you'd prefer a different colour and need a little help, see our LED Colour Temperature Guide.

3. Choose by Wattage or Lumens

Our PAR30 LED are available in 10 watts (60 watt equivalent), 12 watts (75 watt equivalent) and 14 watts (90 watt halogen equivalent). Unfortunately, you can't just go by the wattage. The most important factor is efficacy, or how many lumens per watt of the LED bulb. For example, a first or second generation PAR30 LED that uses 15 watts may only produce 600 - 799 lumens but today a 10 watt PAR30 can produce just as many lumens and is therefore more efficient.

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