Outdoor LED Recessed PAR20, PAR30 & PAR38 Lights

ledsplus-blog-outdoor-par20-par30-par38-led-light-bulbs We have beautiful homes. We invest more money to build the value and make it look better for ourselves. There's just a question about how well you want to present it at night and if your current lighting is costing you more than it should; compared to let's say if you had LED bulbs instead of high wattage halogens. Some people use CFL of course, but they have their own disadvantages too. Outdoor lighting requires more than just your average LED light bulb; you need something weather proof. So, unless the LED bulbs you're looking at are not rated for weather, ie. Water Resistant or Water Proof, step away from the shelf and keep reading. Not all the PAR LED lamps we carry are water resistant. They are all rated for extremely cold temperatures and for damp locations. Up North, it gets cold, wet, dry and the whole cycle repeats itself. Protecting your LED investment starts by selecting ones that are going to hold up against the weather.

Outdoor PAR20 LED Bulbs

Standard PAR20 LED Light Bulbs for Outdoor Use $24.67

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Outdoor PAR30 LED Bulbs

Standard PAR30 LED Light Bulbs for Outdoor Use $36.22 - $37.87

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Outdoor PAR38 LED Bulbs

Standard PAR38 LED Light Bulbs for Outdoor Use $44.14

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