MR16 LED vs 50W MR16 Halogen

a href="">ledsplus-mr16-led-vs-halogen-1 Are you thinking about changing your 50 watt MR16 energy guzzler down to a 6 or 7 watt LED MR16? Well, if you did, changing one could mean a reduction in energy use by up to 88% if you switch to a 6 watt MR16 LED equivalent.   Let's take these guys out of the box... can you tell which one(s) are halogens? ledsplus-mr16-led-vs-halogen-2 ... Well now, if you picked the second one from the left, you are right! To be fair, I can't pick on 50 watt halogens, they've done a great job after all. There's just a new option on the block and albeit more expensive, in the long run, they're designed to save you good money... money you could be use to pay for food on the beautiful beaches of Cancun, Mexico :)

Compare Energy Costs

ledsplus-mr16-led-vs-halogen-3 The estimated yearly energy cost of one 50 watt equivalent MR16 LED light bulb that uses 6 watts is $0.72 per year; based on 3 hours per year with an average cost of energy priced at $0.11/kWh. The 50 watt halogen on the other hand costs $6.34 per year. That means if you have 10 or a dozen 50 watt MR16 halogens in your kitchen or display area running 3 hours a day every day, you're spending $63.40 per year to use them. And well, if you're using them in a commercial application or using them at least 6 hours a day, that's $126.80 per year in energy. If you replaced them with LED lights, you would only spend $14.40 per year. The math doesn't lie.

How Long Do They Last?

ledsplus-mr16-led-vs-halogen-4 [product id=1531] Despite the rated life of a MR16 halogen bulb of anywhere from 5,000 hours to 8,000 hours, they're not an electronic device. That basically translates to, "I don't remember the last time my MR16 halogen lasted that long" - I'm just kidding. But, when you do the math, if you used the bulb continuously for 8,000 hours that would translate to 333.33 days or if you used the bulb an average of 3 hours a day that would translate to 7.3 years. The bottom line here is, halogen MR16 bulbs don't have a warranty and when they die, you have to replace it with another one. But its easy enough to replace of course, just keep in mind that costs you money too. MR16 LED bulbs on the other hand are an electronic device and do have a warranty. The typical warranty for any of the MR16 LEDs on our store is 3 years and are rated for 25,000 hours. Effectively, you could use our commercial grade MR16 LED bulbs for 1,042 days (2.85 years) continuously, 24 hours a day and still be covered under warranty for 55 days. But the numbers don't lie; 25,000 hours spread out at an average use of 3 hours a day translates to 22.83 years - now that is a long time. Sometimes we hear customers say, "These bulbs will go on working long after I'm gone." And as morbid as that sounds, 22+ years is a long time. The bottom line is, replacing your halogen MR16 with LED MR16 bulbs can save you time and money down the road.

Safety in Mind

ledsplus-mr16-led-vs-halogen-5 When was the last time you pulled an MR16 halogen bulb from the socket the moment after you turned the power off to it with your bare hands? I'm sure you're well aware that halogen bulbs are not safe to handle until they cool down; a 15 to 30 minute wait. MR16 LED bulbs on the other hand are definitely safer to handle. MR16 are a smaller bulb so they don't displace the heat as well as a PAR30, but MR16 LED bulbs won't melt the skin off your fingers and you don't have to wait to remove them. However, we do recommend waiting 3 - 5 minutes before removing MR16 LED. But once you have them, the difference is night and day.

Difference in Light & Light Colour

Halogen MR16 light bulbs produce a warm colour temperature of 3000K. The great thing about LED MR16 light bulbs, is not only can you get them in 3000K, you can get them in a more yellow tone at 2700K if you prefer a softer look or you can get them brighter in a natural white light, 4000K, or the brightest light that has a tint of blue in it, 5000K. LED MR16 lights give you a higher quality of visible light and give you different light colour options. Here are the MR16 LED bulbs used in this blog post: [product id=1531] [product id=78] [product id=508]

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