LED Light Bulbs for Chicken Egg Farms

ledsplus-led-light-bulbs-for-chicken-farms Chicken Egg farmers rely on science and other factors to influence their chickens to produce a healthy supply of eggs. Hens rely on clean, well-ventilated buildings where temperature, humidity and lighting are controlled and fresh food and water are constantly available for year-round comfort.

The Trend

Over the last 2 years we've seen an increase in egg farmers buy LED light bulbs to replace their 60 watt incandescent light bulbs they've been burning in the chicken houses. That's good news for us, but what about some good news for the chicken farmers? Well, LED light bulb prices have dropped in price. Two years ago, we sold 12 watt LED light bulbs (equivalent to 60 watt incandescent) for $29.99. Today, we're selling the latest generation A19 LED bulbs for less than $20 buck... buck... bucks. Switching to LED lights is definitely more affordable and the ROI Payback is shorter than ever.

Controlling Light Temperature

The common light colour temperature our chicken egg farm customers choose is the warm white colour, 3000K. This colour produces a light that is between the traditional yellow light associated with regular incandescent light bulbs (2700K) and the neutral white colour (4000K). 3000K gives you more lumens than a 2700K version and not as eye catching bright as a 4000K bulb.

Improved Energy Efficiency

In the past, the typical 60 watt equivalent LED bulb used anywhere from 12 to 14 watts to produce the same amount of lumens as a 10 or 11 watt produces today. Our 10 watt A19 LED bulbs are more efficient and cost effective.

ROI Payback Calculation for 50 Light Bulbs

Did you know that your initial investment to replace 50 bulbs could pay you back in 1/3 of a year? Try your own ROI payback calculation or review our findings below: ledsplus-led-roi-payback-for-chicken-egg-farms

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