LED Compatible Dimmable & Motion Sensor Light Switches

Do you need to buy a new dimmer light switch or motion sensor light switch to work with your new LED light bulbs? For many people the answer is yes, but this all depends on what model light switch you have now. Just because you have a dimmer switch or motion sensor switch, does not mean an LED will work on it. lutron-led-compatible-dimmable-light-switch-6047The bottom line is that you may experience that conventional switches are not designed to work with lighter loads and voltages.

Common symptoms your dimmer or motion sensor light switch is not compatible with dimmable LED lights

  • The LED lights may not turn on at all.
  • When dimmed, you may hear a hum or high frequency tone and notice your lights flickering.
  • When dimmed, the lights might just turn off completely without dimming

Which light switches are compatible with LED Lights?

Most manufacturers publish a document that outlines which light switches are compatible with their LED lights. lutron-led-compatible-dimmable-light-switch-6044

LED Light Buying Tips

  • Double check to make sure the LED light bulbs you are buying are DIMMABLE.
  • Make sure your LED light bulbs and dimmer switch are compatible.
  • Always refer to the manufacturer's specifications.