High Bay LED vs Metal Halides

ledsplus-blog-high-bay-led-vs-metal-halide You could reduce your energy usage by 70% if you replaced your metal halide to an LED equivalent high bay LED.

Why You Should Replace Your Metal Halide

6 x Longer Life + Includes Warranty

The average life of a metal halide is 12,000 Hours. That means if you run your metal halides 24/7, 7 days a week, that's 1.38 years. In addition to a metal halide bulb, each bulb requires it's own ballast. Don't get me wrong, 12,000 is a long time, but an LED equivalent for a metal halide is rated for 70,000 hours - Ahem, 6 times longer. The best thing about LED lighting is they're covered under a warranty; metal halides are not.

It's More than Just Cutting Energy Costs

What happens when your metal halide fails after 2 years? or ballast fails after 4 years? Replacement costs and the cost to pay an electrician to replace a lamp 25 feet high can add up and cost an average of $250 per fixture to replace. If you replace a light fixture twice or over a 5 year period, you've effectively paid a total of $750 for that lamp to work over the 5 year span; $250 x 3 = $750. Unfortunately, my math is not wrong because you still had to pay for the initial metal halide lamp. The average price of a high bay LED is $500. Without factoring 70% in energy savings, you'll still save money on the material costs.


When the material (fixtures, lights, ballast, etc) cost of replacing your existing lights to LED is equal or greater than the cost of LED lights, we like to say the money you save on energy is, "gravy". Switching from metal halides to high bay LED is one of those cases.

RC Lighting High Bay LED

rc-lighting-rab-bayled-led-high-bayRC Lighting is actually the Canadian name for RAB Lighting who are the leading manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures in the US. All RC Lighting fixtures are the same except they just have the RC Lighting name on them. RC Lighting offers two high bay LED; BAYLED & AISLED. The BAYLED is designed to provide symmetrical light distribution for large areas. The AISLED is designed to provide a long linear light distribution for warehouse aisles while still providing some light on top.


  • 75 Watts vs 250 Watts reduces energy usage by 70%
  • Available in 2 versions: Aisle or Bay to deliver light the way you need it
  • Available in 3000K, 4000K, 5100K
  • Available in 120-277V & 347V
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cree-cxb-led-high-bayPlain and simple, CREE is the market-leading innovator of LED lighting. Naturally, they have a large range of LED products. In January, they announced their new CXB High Bay LED that features a jaw-dropping 23,000 lumens, a 10 year warranty and is DLC Listed.


  • Direct 1:1 replacement for a 400 watt metal halide
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Rated for 70,000 Hours
  • DLC Listed
  [product id=1611] Try our Payback Calculator Need to see the numbers to fit your application? use our LED Payback Calculator to see it for yourself.

We're here to help!

Both the RC Lighting and CREE high bay LED fixtures mount by a hook and chain/cord, so if you already have that system in place, replacing them isn't so difficult. But, if you have a new installation or want to switch to a hook & chain system, give us a call and we can give you some advice with light mapping. We're available toll free 1.888.717.4587