CNA A19 Omni 18W LED Light Bulb Review

New from CNA Lighting, the 18W Omni LED light bulb, rated to replace 75W halogen light bulbs, 100W incandescent light bulbs or 23W compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs. But, we find this bulb is much brighter than what it's actually rated for.This 18W Omni A19-replacement LED light bulb is commercial-grade quality, produces 1,200 lumens, is warrantied for 25,000 hours in a 3000K warm white (light yellow) colour tone.


  • 18W
  • 3000K Warm White
  • 1,200 Initial Lumens
  • 25,000 Hours (27.4 years based on 3/hours per day)
  • UL/ULC Listed, RoHS Compliant
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • 100W Incandescent Equivalent
  • 75W Halogen Equivalent
  • 23W Compact Fluorescent Equivalent
  • Made in China


I'm excited about this LED bulb because the box says it's equivalent to a 75W light bulb, but since the bulb produces 1200 lumens, it's likely equivalent to a 120W light bulb. In my opinion, if you factor in the visible light quality, its as bright as a 150W light bulb - It's really really bright. [product id=174]

18W vs 12W Omni LED Light Bulb:

We've put CNA's commercial-grade quality A19 Omni LED light bulbs side-by-side in the photo below; 18W on the left. Compared to the 12W LED A19 Omni 2700K light bulb, the new 18W is obviously brighter; 1200 vs 800 lumens. From a bulb design perspective, it looks better. It's a little longer than CNA's 12W, but that's not something people who buy Omni A19's are concerned with. Inside our LED light display box, you can see the visual differences between it and the 12W.  Since the 18W is a 3000K bulb, there's a slight difference in the yellow tone compared to the  2700K of the 12W. In terms of brightness levels, pay close attention to the size of the glow the 18W has.

On the box, you'll see that CNA's not being shy about making sure our customers know its a "Commercial-Grade Quality" LED bulb.