Are My Dimmer Switches Compatible with My New LED Lights?

LED Light Dimmer Switch Not sure if your new LED light bulbs will work with your existing dimming light switches? We hope this post answers your question. Dimmer switches are useful for setting a mood, creating lower light situations at night while still maintaining visibility, lowering energy costs, and just generally controlling the ambience and environment. However, not all LED light bulbs are compatible with dimmer switches making this process a little confusing.

Understand How Lights Work with Dimmers

Light bulbs have a wattage and a voltage. The wattage is the strength of the current while the voltage is the type of current. Incandescent and halogen bulbs are easy to control with a dimmer switch, while the florescent and LED bulbs save more energy, but they are more difficult to use with a dimmer switch and are more expensive. LED light bulbs differ from other types of light bulbs because they work by a using a light emitting diode to induce electrons that interact with positively charged holes and release photons to produce luminescence. Their dimming range is determined by the bulb’s circuitry. LED's are prone to turning off at the lower light range and may perform incorrectly with one or more dimmers. Incandescent, CFL and Halogen's will flicker with voltage fluctuations, but an LED may shut off or flicker excessively. Bottom line: You'll know if your LED light bulbs work with your dimmer switch right away. If they don't dim or just flickr while dimming, they won't work.

Choosing the Right Dimmer Switch

  1. Check and make sure the LED light bulbs you bought/buying are actually dimmable.
  2. Check to see if your dimmer switch is compatible with your new LED Lights. This can be done easily by visiting the LED lights' manufacturer's website as most manufacturers publish a document that outlines which light switches are compatible with their LED lights: