60 Watt Equivalent Candelabra (Chandelier) LED Bulbs

blog-60-watt-candelabra-led-bulbs-boxes We get lots of calls from customers looking for 60 watt equivalent candelabra incandescent light bulbs. What do I tell them? "Our candelabra LED bulb replacements are only rated as high as 40 watt equivalents BUT, they are brighter than 40 watts and you will be happy with them." The problem is, customers are left with either taking my word for it and buying them, unsure and order just one to test, or just don't believe me and continue on their search for "60 watt equivalent" replacements. So, in light of this, I wanted to show you that our 40 watt equivalent candelabra LED, that outputs 300 lumens, can replace your 60 watt candelabra incandescent bulbs. Just to be fair, I also took some pictures of the 40 watt incandescent candelabra bulb. blog-60-watt-candelabra-led-bulbs Starting left: 5 Watt LED, 60 Watt Incandescent, 40 Watt Incandescent You should notice a couple of things; the light coverage within the bulb (how much light fills) and how well light brightens our light box. Since LED lights produce a higher quality visible light, an LED with slightly less lumen output than a incandescent or even a halogen light bulb can produce a light that appears brighter.

Buy the 5 Watt LED to replace your 40 or 60 Watt Incandescent Candelabra Bulbs

TCP 5 Watt Candelabra LED Light Bulb $16.49

View this LED bulb. Quick Facts: 300+ Lumens, 5 Watts These 5 Watt equivalent LED replacement bulbs are only available in 2700K and are available in either a E12 or E26 base. LED lights have a higher quality visible light that gives them the ability to outshine their incandescent and halogen counterparts. They also last longer and are warrantied for it. A regular candelabra incandescent light bulb is only rated for 2,000 hours, but an LED replacement is rated for 25,000 hours.