3 Reasons Why This PL26 LED Replacement Lamp is Your Safest Bet

lunera-helen-lamp-pl26-led-replacement While the market may be filled with many PL26 LED replacement lamps, this PL26 LED lamp is one that has an edge over the rest due to passing 3 safety ratings: 1. UL Listed, 2. CSA Certified, 3. eTL Listed. The Lunera 13W PL26 LED light bulb is a non-dimmable commercial-grade LED light bulb. It uses only 13 Watts of energy and produces 900 lumens making it a great LED replacement for 26W CFL lamps. Its available in 3500K & 4100K, has a 5 Years manufacturer's warranty and is rated for 50,000 Hours of use.

Reason 1 - Its Rated for Safety

The Lunera Helen Lamp is UL Listed, CSA Certified & eTL Listed. Safety is a top concern for builders, electricians and the DIY home owner because if the product you’re installing hasn’t passed safety tests, you’re likely installing a product that won’t qualify for insurance claims.

Reason 2 - Its Affordable

This PL26 LED replacement that is warrantied to last for 5 years and 50,000 hours of use sells for less than $50. Compared to the average PL26 CFL bulb that costs around $20, you’re coming out on top at the end of the day. Cut your maintenance costs and energy bill at the same time by replacing your PL26 CFLs with the Helen Lamp.

Reason 3 - You Must Shut Off the Power

Although the Helen Lamp is a plug-in-play LED bulb, it does require you to cycle the power through the bulb before it will work. What that means is, you have to turn the breaker off for the circuit these bulbs are on then turn it back on after they’re installed. While some may think this is a little inconvenient, it does ensure you are installing the bulb safely.

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